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Teenage Dance Club With Shower


I never asked why they needed a shower.


Monkey Madness

Walking off with his breakfast.


Headed for my water bottle.


Baby monkey. Chillin.


This fucker almost stole my iPhone.

Looking for Ganja on my first night in Nepal


After landing in Kathmandu, I collected my baggage and walked by the metal detectors and screening area. The security agent was in his seat sleeping with his mouth open while other passengers just walked through without submitting their bags for inspection. I did the same.

Outside, there was around 50 people collectively trying to earn my fare to take me into town. A short man took me to a taxi where there were two men waiting for me. They were both the size of children but obviously older. I couldn’t think of a good reason why they would need two drivers in order to take me into the city but it seemed safe enough. It was daytime and we drove through the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

I inquired with these men about smoking and they let me know that it would not be a problem at all. One of these drivers smoked all the time and he would be happy to share some with me. After I checked into my hotel, the guys were waiting out front so they could take me to get high. They said that we should go to a restaurant where we can order food as well. Before we could leave, they asked if I would be willing to listen to a presentation about trekking in the Himalayas. It seemed like a time share presentation that paid locals to bring them customers.


For about an hour, I sat through the bullshit and gave every objection till we agreed to “think about it”. I had no intention in trekking and was only in Nepal to sample the countryside cannabis before I headed to Southeast Asia. When I exited, my two drivers were still there to honor their agreement. We sat in a restaurant and ordered appetizers while smoking. These guys would empty their cigarettes and carefully scoop broken weed into the empty tubes. This stuff was strong and I was in a new place.

I got lost. With adventurous ambition, I told the guys that I would find my way back home on my own. Kathmandu seemed really fascinating and I underestimated how scary this could be. After 20 minutes of wandering around, a rolling blackout hit where I was. It went black but the locals continued as if nothing was different. My eyes were focused on the ground to make sure that I don’t trip on some dead rat or dog shit. The light from a man burning garbage in front of his door guided me through the dark neighborhood.

Eventually, I gave up and asked a rickshaw driver to take me to my hotel. I sat back there for about an hour while he wandered through the city asking people if they knew where my hotel was. Apparently, he was new to the area as well and it was difficult for him as well. It took a while but I finally made it back to the hotel. And I was still high.

Doha, Qatar


Between Israel and Nepal, I had a pretty long layover in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. My flight came in around 9:30PM and was scheduled to leave out around 8:00AM the next morning. It was too late to explore the city so I decided to camp out in the airport so I wouldn’t miss my flight. The mall in the airport didn’t close until late so while carrying my gigantic backpack, I inspected every single thing that they had in order to pass the time.

Around 2AM, I was tired and decided to look for somewhere to bed down for the night. Inside one of the religious prayer rooms, I noticed a few men laying down with the lights off. I was so envious at that their fortune because it looked so fucking comfortable in there. There was a separate room where people were allowed to lay down on napping chairs. By the time I arrived, it was full up with people sharing spaces.

Standing outside the doorway of the napping room, I waited there until I noticed someone leave. There was a spot that opened up. I beelined for that spot and hugged all of my luggage till I dozed off. Probably minutes later, I’m getting kicked by this lady with 4 of her kids standing behind her. She wanted my spot. I let her have it so they wouldn’t cause a scene.

Until my departure, I sat in front of my terminal cursing under my breath over what happened. Oh well. Fuck it.

Review of a Kosher Big Mac



Technically, there is no such thing as a “kosher” Big Mac. Jewish dietary law says that you can’t mix cheese and meat. The meat on this hamburger is molesting this cheese off the bun. I’ve had thousands of Big Macs throughout my life and was instantly able to taste the difference. For how dry it was, it could’ve been helped if the entire thing was drenched in thousand island dressing like an enchilada. I powered through the rest of it while wondering what the cardboard content was in this meal. It’s like eating a sandwich made of boxes.