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Tapas in Madrid.


In my short time in Madrid, I had every meal at a dive bar called Nogales Bar. It was a small family owned place with diner furniture and a couple slot machines. The unemployed locals would sit with these machine bandits and slowly bleed their spending money. While the place looked filthy, the food on display was immaculate.


All the beer was on tap and cold enough to create an instant frost around the glass. The lady working behind the counter knew that I wasn’t as knowledgable so she would usually pick out an assortment for me to eat. I remember most of it being really good. Instead of a handwritten bill, she would squint her eye and do the math in her head. It would be surprising to hear the amount I owed because it was usually less than what I would expect.


When traveling around the world, you pride yourself on finding these unique eateries that tourists cannot find. Bar Nogales is a place that I’ll always remember for it’s dirty floors and delicious food. If I’m ever in Spain again, I’ll definitely be here again.


Sightseeing in Madrid.


These are a series of photos I took while on a walking tour in Madrid. This bear is a symbol of Madrid because there used to be bears in this area who used to eat fermented berries and get fucked up. The drunk bear represents the capitol of Spain.


Plaza Mayor.


Someone royal lives here.


Some Hare Krishna followers chanting in Plaza Del Sol.


Pablo Picasso’s old art school. The tour guide said that Pablo was a trouble maker who flunked out.


The post office of Madrid. I think they converted it into a government administration building now.