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Latvian Food


During my layover in Riga, I was starving and wanted to try the local food. Even though it was April, a thick coat was required to deal with the freezing temperatures of Northeastern Europe. Before I left the airport, I used the WIFI to research some local eateries and this restaurant called Lido came highly recommended.


The inside of the restaurant was very homely with wooden furniture and dark walls. Latvian music played softly in the background with inaudible lyrics. Several different dishes lined behind a cafeteria style line with trays waiting in the beginning. I ordered the pork belly with mashed potatoes and a large stein of beer.


At the end of the line, there was a woman dressed in traditional garb that didn’t mind being photographed and was very friendly. She taught me the Latvian word for cheers, which is “Priekā”.


Riga, Latvia


On my way to Israel, I had a 9 hour layover in Riga, Latvia. An Eastern European country that I never heard of before I booked my flight.


Like most of Eastern Europe, this place is filled with cold weather, gothic buildings and beautiful women. Sorry about the lack of beautiful women in my pictures.