I became homeless by choice on January 1st, 2011. Since then, I’ve lived out of a backpack with only the possessions that I had inside. My goal was not to have a plan further than 2 weeks out and to get more excitement in my life.

Becoming lazy and fat through routine and gourmet fast food, most of my time was spent doing frivolous things over and over. It was an endless parade of bar outings, birthday dinners and get togethers. We’d drink expensive alcohol and eat food that people have never seen in the modern world.

There was an admission of boredom to my mother around a year before I started this journey. We were in a new sushi restaurant by her house that served awful food from what I remember. As abruptly as I could say it, I told her that I was bored and wanted to go on an adventure. It was my 6th year in the corporate world and she could see that I didn’t really enjoy it. Strangely, mom agreed and told me to wait till Winter to do this.

On New Years Day, 2011 I became homeless. The downtown loft apartment was cleaned out and all of my things were moved to my sister’s house. It was at this point where I had a very general plan of what I wanted to do but nothing was solid. There were times where I would smile for no reason and blood would rush through my chest. These mini heart attacks were a result of no longer having a planned future. That was the beginning of my adventure.

This is all being written about 3 years into my journey. I will do my best to catch up as quickly as I can but would like to be a bit thorough about the details I still have. My constant drinking and drug use probably stunts me a bit in recalling past events so I must catch up quickly or lose these memories to the abyss in my head.

Before I left, a good friend told me to go out and become worldly. So I did.



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