Doha, Qatar


Between Israel and Nepal, I had a pretty long layover in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. My flight came in around 9:30PM and was scheduled to leave out around 8:00AM the next morning. It was too late to explore the city so I decided to camp out in the airport so I wouldn’t miss my flight. The mall in the airport didn’t close until late so while carrying my gigantic backpack, I inspected every single thing that they had in order to pass the time.

Around 2AM, I was tired and decided to look for somewhere to bed down for the night. Inside one of the religious prayer rooms, I noticed a few men laying down with the lights off. I was so envious at that their fortune because it looked so fucking comfortable in there. There was a separate room where people were allowed to lay down on napping chairs. By the time I arrived, it was full up with people sharing spaces.

Standing outside the doorway of the napping room, I waited there until I noticed someone leave. There was a spot that opened up. I beelined for that spot and hugged all of my luggage till I dozed off. Probably minutes later, I’m getting kicked by this lady with 4 of her kids standing behind her. She wanted my spot. I let her have it so they wouldn’t cause a scene.

Until my departure, I sat in front of my terminal cursing under my breath over what happened. Oh well. Fuck it.


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